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"Make Someone Smile Today & Keep Smiling.." ~ aRuNiM :)

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Remembering ∙∙•» I was practicing She entered the room & I forgot all my lines seeing Her{angel}..o Hope it'll not happen here.. Keep reading.. o


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*a.Ru.NiM@ဢ*=10-2219as-93ღღ-18ღ-28ღ ™

₪۩۞۩₪ o V.I.P ™ o ₪۩۞۩₪


▄▄▄▄▄▄₪۩۞۩₪ * True Words, truly by me * ₪۩۞۩₪▄▄▄▄▄▄

▀▄☼►.. I wake up in the morning & think about U..
Going to college I think about U..
Sitting in the Class/Lab. I think about U..
Taking lunch I think about U..
I think about U Coming back to home..
In the evening while roaming at terrace I think about U..
Taking dinner I think about U..
While sleeping I dream about U..
when its only U all over my mind, heart & time.. How can I write anything 'about me'..
Still managing, read ahead.. ::

▀▄☼►.. To.. win.. always.. is.. not.. so.. important.. and..
..also.. may.. not.. be.. possible..,
..But.. to.. play.. well.. is.. more.. important..
..What.. can.. i.. say.. 'about me'..
..i.. have.. not.. achieved.. anything.. yet..,
..i.. have.. not.. earned.. any.. precious.. thing..
..also.. i.. have.. not.. got.. any.. valuable.. entity..
..but.. i.. m.. just.. trying.. to.. play.. well..

▀▄☼►.. wHo m I ? I m tHe 1 wHo's website u r reaDing and tHinKing by what worDs i'll try to impress U.. weLL actually i Don'T neeD 2 do so.. as U r already impressed : see u've a smile on ur face.. jst keep it always.. o ::

▀▄☼►.. iF u r ThinKing to beaT mE : u caN onLy ThinK.. ::

▀▄☼►.. Simplicity RULES :: So, Simply RULE & RULE Simply..::

▀▄☼►.. I am not the BEST.. The Fact is : Others are not just better than me.. ::


▀▄☼►.. People hate me because I'm 'arunim' :: I love them because I'm 'arunim'.. ..


▀▄☼►.. Its not like that I'm Lazy.. Its just that I Like Reverse Engineering.. ::

▀▄☼►.. Let the past as it is.. currently After losing 6 glorious yrs of my career/life i feel like I discovered a million reasons 2 be failed, feels like falling back 2 1st step in every move.. still trying to keep moving.. The more ppl I met, the more alone I feel.. Jst 2 motivate myself.. "If I got defeated, Its jst I wanna U 2 win"
may not be interested, its jst my story & abt me.. @ last taking a line 4m a song -- 'Words r all I've 2 take ur heart away'.. ::




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"If you want something to be done perfectly : do it yourself" ~ aRuNiM.. :)







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